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At Plant Machine Works, we talk about quality control a lot. But our passion for quality goes way beyond talking. We build quality control into all of our processes. This means fewer nonconformities, less waste, and more time for improvement. At Plant Machine Works, we stand behind our quality, and that is why our customers stand with us.


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization), is an internationally recognized Quality Management System designed to ensure that a business is operating within a framework of control, regardless of their field or geographical location. The requirements for certification are updated periodically and annual audits ensure compliance is maintained. Every process, from purchasing material to shipping customer products, is performed in accordance with our ISO 9001–certified Quality Management System.

Plant Machine Works has been an ISO 9001 accredited business since 2012. This designation should instill even greater confidence that the service and output at Plant Machine Works will be on par with today’s highest standards of professionalism and workmanship.


Quality control is the core of everything we do at PMW. We test part quality at every stage of machining, catching faults in materials or workmanship practically in real-time. Here are some of the techniques we employ in our QC process.


Rotating equipment must be carefully and precisely balanced to avoid vibrations which can be detrimental to mechanical performance and can quickly lead to catastrophic mechanical failure. Any component that turns or spins around an axis can and should be balanced in machining. Rotors and impellers, flywheels, axles, shafts…all need to be balanced through highly-sensitive vibration analysis. Our Schenck HM40 horizontal balancing machine helps us detect and correct any imbalances efficiently and dependably. 


Plant Machine Works is equipped with the highly advanced coordinate measuring machine known as FARO Arm. This incredibly precise 3-D measuring tool can probe any object and provide measurements to an unprecedented degree of precision. PMW’s Quantum FaroArm identifies any deviations in real-time and helps guarantee the perfection and repeatability of any machined component. 


Testing and evaluation are vital to our manufacturing and repair process. 

Liquid Penetrant testing, performed by our Level II personnel, lets us detect any weld discontinuities or other flaws before they go out the door.

Hardness testing with our King 500-3000kg portable Brinell hardness tester allows us to ensure the material we use to manufacture products meets the hardness specification you require.

PMI testing is performed in-house at Plant Machine Works. When a sample part is of questionable material, incoming material needs to be verified for grade, or a material identification report is required for documentation. Our team of Level II PMI inspectors and our Niton XRF Analyzer can quickly and efficiently provide the needed material testing.


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