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The petrochemical industry comprises a vast complex of processors and plants where raw feedstock from natural gas processing and crude oil refinement is rendered into hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons include ethylene, propylene, ammonia, methanol, linear low-density chemicals, polyethylene, ethylene glycol, and ethylene oxide. These basic building blocks of plastics and other synthetic materials make modern life possible. 

Plant Machine Works delivers comprehensive petrochemical machining services, including repairing and maintaining rotating equipment, valves, and more. We are well-known to the region’s petrochemical industry for our rapid response and extensive industrial component manufacturing and repair capabilities.

From Farrel Gearboxes to Lufkin Gearboxes, Sutorbilt Blowers, Bird Centrifuges, and Johnston Vertical Turbine Pumps, PMW has been repairing and rebuilding these components for years, around the clock when need be. Our objective is always to provide the highest quality workmanship while helping our customers achieve maximum productivity output as safely and quickly as possible.


With petrochemical plants in constant operation, the hundreds of pumps, gearboxes, blowers, and numerous other components that keep the plant running day and night must be kept in working order at all times. Any degradation in performance can affect the entire process, resulting in lagging production or total downtime. This can wreak havoc on production schedules and the bottom line and can even present unacceptable risks to the safety and health of workers, the community, and the environment. 

On the bright side, with the plant in operation 24/7 under consistent conditions, parts can be refurbished or replaced regularly, preempting component failures and averting costly production delays.

In addition to repairing or replacing failed parts, Plant Machine Works is called upon by the Petrochemical industry to keep replacement parts on hand for regular replacement while performing repairs on worn or damaged parts before they have the chance to fail.  

PMW can be trusted to repair or replace any critical components that make a petrochemical plant work. Our specialists and technicians can pinpoint problems ranging from lubrication deficiencies to bearing failures, seal failures, etc., and return your equipment to its optimal condition.


Plant Machine Works offers the double advantage of highly versatile, exceptionally skilled machinists and millwrights and the best-equipped machine shop in the area. Our large-format, 5-axis CNC capabilities alone permit us to machine highly complex and oversized parts with faster throughput, closer tolerances, and greater economy than possible at less advanced shops.


Plant Machine Works offers over 40,000 square feet of secure, climate-controlled, on-site storage. Here, customers can store an inventory of critical spare parts for replacement at predetermined intervals or on short notice in emergency situations.


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