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Experts in the Art of Manual Machining

Though much of today’s machining is done with Computer Numerical Control (CNC), the art of machining is still best learned and appreciated through manual operation. You will find the region’s most skilled machinists in Plant Machine Works’ Baton Rouge machine shop. 

For runs of single parts, it can often be more efficient to do the machining by hand rather than to program and run the same operation through CNC. The results of manual machining may not be as predictable as with CNC methods, and the process of manual machines requires more time and more attention from the operator. Still, manual is the preferred way to go for certain operations, and Plant Machine Works machinists are highly skilled in manual techniques.

CNC or Manual Machining: Which Is Right for You?

The manual machine shop at PMW is used mainly for single-part runs, part finishing, prototyping, etc. Additionally, certain standard components can be efficiently and accurately produced manually, leaving the CNC machines for complex parts and large production runs. 

Among the countless components we manufacture for the various industries we serve are several standard parts that can be produced flawlessly and economically in our manual machining shop. These include: 

  • Shafts mechanically transfer power from one point to another along a rotating axis. 
  • Bearing Housings keep bearings in place, lubricated, and protected from heat and breakage. They increase the life of your bearings and optimize performance. 
  • Couplings join two shafts together to transmit the power from the driving side to the side that is driven. Carefully designed couplings are vital when conjoining systems, especially when slightly misaligned. 
  • Sleeves are integral to rotating equipment as they help protect shafts from corrosion and wear.  
  • Case Rings minimize damage to the impeller and housing in the case of misalignment or component failure.   
  • Wear Rings prevent fluid passage between the impeller and the casing. 

Machines of All Kinds for Jobs of All Descriptions

Between our CNC machine line-up and our impressive range of manual machines, PMW’s 62,000-square-foot machine shop is equipped with machine parts for nearly any industry or application.  

Large Capacity Machining

Plant Machine Works is particularly well-known for being able to take on the jobs that are too big for most other shops to accommodate. With multiple cranes having capacities ranging from 3 to 10 tons, PMW can even bring in large-scale jobs from other shops and finish them to specification.  

Horizontal Bore Milling Capabilities

  • 4.125″ Diameter Spindle
  • 78″ x 78″ x 75″ travel
  • 10′ Between Headstock And Tailstock
  • Max Weight 22,500 LBS

Vertical Turret Capabilities

  • 4 Manual Vertical Turret Lathes
  • Up To 86″ Height under rail
  • Up to 128″ swing
  • Max Weight 40,000 lbs

Horizontal Lathe Capabilities

  • Up To 128″ Turning Capability
  • Up to 76″ swing
  • Up to 33′ center to center
  • Max Weight 40,000 lbs


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