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With the breadth of knowledge and the range of skills represented by the talented team of technicians and operators at Plant Machine Works, no industry lies entirely outside our scope of abilities. These are some of the industries we engage with most frequently, and a look at the kinds of services we provide for them.

From exploration and extraction to transport and processing, pumps, turbines, and compressors control the movement of resources from deep within the earth to the surface and onward through the various industrial processes required to transform them for market consumption. Plant Machine Works specializes in repairing, upgrading, and maintaining rotary and other machined parts and components critical to the safe and efficient production of oil and natural gas. 

Plant Machine Works delivers comprehensive petrochemical machining services, including repairing and maintaining rotating equipment, valves, and more. We are well-known to the region’s petrochemical industry for our rapid response and extensive industrial component manufacturing and repair capabilities.

From pumps to compressors and steam turbines, rotating equipment plays an essential role in chemical manufacturing. But chemical operating environments tend to be harsh, with steam, heat, and caustic elements all taking their toll on your equipment. Through continual maintenance, it is possible to prolong equipment life while ensuring parts are working to capacity or repaired/replaced before they adversely affect production. Plant Machine Works can keep your operations optimized with part repairs, refurbishment, or replacement.

Our core customer base is, directly and indirectly, responsible for meeting the region’s agricultural needs. From a publicly traded multinational corporation that develops fertilizers to an independent, family-owned coffee company, Plant Machine Works’ clientele in the agriculture industry are all striving for the highest quality product. PMW helps them get there. 

Every step of industrial food production is highly mechanized. There are machines to do the mundane tasks and the more challenging techniques associated with preparing processed food. All this functionality is performed by advanced machinery engineered to the task. Keeping production lines running around the clock requires attentive maintenance and capable, responsive repair services–two of the hallmarks of Plant Machine Works, Inc.

Power generation, whether from fossil fuels or renewable energy sources, involves critical components that transfer the source power into electricity. Turbines, hubs, shafts, bearings, rotors, and gearboxes are as essential to alternative energy production as traditional fossil-fuel power generation. Plant Machine Works has made its name machining these and other mechanical parts for various applications in multiple industries.

Metal fabrication is a vital step in manufacturing almost everything, including consumer products, the industrial components used to make those products, and even the equipment used to make those components. All told, metal product fabrication brings hundreds of billions of dollars into the industrial economy annually. At Plant Machine Works, we take great pride and pleasure in our metal fabrication work. 


Plant Machine Works, Inc., maintains its ISO 9001 accreditation and actively strives to exceed those standards every day. From one-off manufactured parts to large-quantity part orders, Plant Machine Works brings its unwavering commitment to quality to the satisfaction of every client’s needs.


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