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Rotating equipment is essential to oil and natural gas production and processing. From exploration and extraction to transport and processing, pumps, turbines, and compressors control the movement of resources from deep within the earth to the surface and onward through the various industrial processes required to transform them for market consumption. Plant Machine Works specializes in repairing, upgrading, and maintaining rotary and other machined parts and components critical to the safe and efficient production of oil and natural gas. 

The sheer number of processes involved, and their relative complexity, make mechanical failure a looming concern at every stage of oil and natural gas production. It is critical to have a comprehensive maintenance protocol to minimize the incidence of equipment failure and a well-considered set of contingency plans to mitigate the fallout when failures occur. Plant Machine Works is the only call you have to make to take care of all your oil and natural gas machining needs, whether in an emergency or, ideally, before one happens.


Equipment used in oil and natural gas extraction, transport, and processing contains many complex, precision-machined parts engineered with extremely tight tolerances. For these parts, you need more than machines that can manufacture them to specification, but also experienced machinists that know these parts, from how to produce them to how they function in the field. PMW employs the most accomplished and capable machinists who have spent their professional lives making and servicing these parts. Combine that with a manufacturing approach that builds quality into its processes, and you have customers that know their parts will be delivered in ideal operating condition, whether new, refurbished, retrofitted, or upgraded.


In the oil and natural gas industry, much of the equipment is large-scale in size and weight. This limits the market of shops capable of servicing this equipment. Not only must a shop have the capability to move the equipment within its facility, but it also has machines large enough, in size and weight capacity, to handle this equipment. 

At Plant Machine Works, servicing large-scale equipment is the core of our business model. The combination of our 10-ton, 5-ton, and 3-ton overhead cranes provides the support to safely maneuver equipment with weights upwards of 20 tons. From our large-format 5-axis CNC machining center, engine lathes with upwards of 76” swing and 394” between centers, and a variety of machines with 20-ton weight capacities, there are few machining jobs that we cannot handle.


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