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When machining components for use in food processing and production, precision and quality are critical to every endeavor’s success. Nationwide, growing concerns over food safety have resulted in increased regulation of food production by the Food and Drug Administration and the US Dept. of Agriculture. Their purview, in part, is to safeguard consumers against food-borne pathogens and keep the food supply safe from contamination of any kind. Plant Machine Works is equipped to provide repair and machining services for many mechanical components essential to food production with the high precision the industry demands. 

Every step of industrial food production is highly mechanized. There are machines to do the mundane tasks and the more challenging techniques associated with preparing processed food. All this functionality is performed by advanced machinery engineered to the task. Keeping production lines running around the clock requires attentive maintenance and capable, responsive repair services–two of the hallmarks of Plant Machine Works, Inc.


Modern industrial food processing involves the production of food products from raw ingredients. This can involve a wide range of equipment to handle the various operations intrinsic to industrial food production for public consumption. Apart from actual cooking operations, steaming, baking, frying, grilling, etc., machines perform preparation tasks such as washing and peeling, chopping, mixing, separating, and seasoning, as well as apportioning, sealing, and packaging. 

Many of the processes used in food production create challenging conditions for equipment. Extreme heat and cold both take their toll. Pickling, brining, and fermentation produce corrosive liquids and gasses, while smoking, drying, curing, and dehydrating are all harsh procedures for equipment to endure at extended intervals.


Choosing Plant Machine Works for your machining needs ensures that your pumps, gearboxes, shafts, couplings, spray bars, bushings, and countless other parts never cause delays or degrade performance on the production line. 

Because our expert technicians know these components inside and out, they can spot impending problems before they impact your bottom line. When repairs are called for, our 24/7 repair shop will have you back up and running faster than you might expect.  

Give us a call today to get an estimate on your precision parts for the food manufacturing industry.


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