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Farming has always been about maximizing quality and quantity in the most efficient way possible. Industrial agriculture relies on technical innovation and advanced chemical science to achieve the high-quality, high-yield produce the market demands. 

Among the innovations serving to meet that demand is the incorporation of agricultural machining. From irrigation and wastewater disposal to driving mills and agitators, mechanical pumps and gearboxes are indispensable to the functioning of the modern farm. 


Parts for Improving Yields through Chemistry

High-yield agriculture isn’t just about what comes out of the ground but also what goes into it. The demands of modern industrial farming have inspired great innovation in the chemical and petrochemical industries to develop new fertilizers and pesticides that help achieve the maximum productivity of every acre. 

Making these formulations in sufficiently large quantities requires precision and consistency attainable only through the mechanization of the production process. This means more pumps and gearboxes, more bushings and spray bars, and more opportunities for Plant Machine Works to offer its machining expertise to the agriculture industry. 

Our core customer base is, directly and indirectly, responsible for meeting the region’s agricultural needs. From a publicly traded multinational corporation that develops fertilizers to the independent, family-owned coffee company, Plant Machine Works’ clientele in the agriculture industry are all striving for the highest quality product. PMW helps them get there.


To meet the rigorous demands of today’s agricultural industry, machined equipment must hold up under constant use in harsh conditions. Extreme environments, corrosive chemicals, and abrasive debris contribute to part wear. Regardless of a component’s quality and design, a certain amount of wear is expected. Part failure, however, usually can be avoided with scheduled inspections and pre-emptive maintenance.

Minimize the impact part degradation has on productivity. Avoid costly delays in your production schedule by entrusting the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your essential mechanical components to Plant Machine Works. 

At Plant Machine Works, we understand the importance of servicing industrial equipment thoroughly and expediently. We will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and suggested repair plan for routine maintenance or emergency repairs. 

The ability to provide OEM components, manufactured new parts, refurbished parts, and, when required, solution-based parts is part of what has made Plant Machine Works among the most trusted and reliable agricultural machining providers in the region.


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