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Around the world, the second-most commonly used industrial equipment in use today is the pump. Whether it be to supply cooling water, slurry movement, wastewater disposal, or transferring chemicals, there are seemingly endless applications for pumps. Yet, pumps are likely to underperform and eventually fail unless they are correctly sized for their intended purpose, properly installed, and well-maintained. 

There are numerous leaks, squeaks and vibrations, cavitation, deflection, and more…the possible symptoms and causes of pump failure. Moreover, many signs of impending pump failure can go unnoticed for some time, degrading performance and eating into your bottom line. Effective maintenance and industrial pump repairs require a thorough assessment of all related components and in-depth knowledge of how they function. For that, you need an expert.

When Good Pumps Begin to Go Bad, Call PMW 

When pressure is out of balance in a pump, shaft deflection can result, leading to excessive vibration and subsequent failure. Cavitation, for example, is a sign that your pump is out of balance. Bubbles begin to form inside, and when they burst, the impeller and impeller shaft can be instantly impacted, deflected, or warped. Plant Machine Works has the expertise to diagnose these problems and more and return your pump to optimal performance.


Rely on Plant Machine Works to optimize your pump and keep it there. As conditions change over time, your pump may need to be adjusted or replaced to maintain efficiency. 

A Plant Machine Works pump assessment includes:

  • Overall performance diagnostics
  • Ensuring rotating equipment is properly balanced
  • Visual inspection for leaks, corrosion, cracks, etc.
  • Comprehensive repair plan

Avoid the headaches and costly delays caused by malfunctioning pumps. Our technicians are experts in the operation, maintenance, and repair of pumps for various industries. 

With over 62,000 square feet of state-of-the-art equipment and heavy machinery capacity, Plant Machine Works is well equipped to maintain your pump at peak efficiency to help keep your production on schedule and on budget.

Pump Repair Services Include:

  • Photographs to document your pump in its various stages of repair
  • Traceability as expected of an ISO 9001 certified business
  • An expert evaluation of the causal factors of the pump’s disrepair
  • Identification of any early signs that your pump is not working to its full potential


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Pump Repair
Pump Repair
Pump Repair