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From pumps to compressors and steam turbines, rotating equipment plays an essential role in chemical manufacturing. But chemical operating environments tend to be harsh, with steam, heat, and caustic elements all taking their toll on your equipment. Through continual maintenance, it is possible to prolong equipment life while ensuring parts are working to capacity or repaired/replaced before they adversely affect production. Plant Machine Works can keep your operations optimized with part repairs, refurbishment, or replacement. 


PMW knows that the service life of every part needs to be prolonged as much as possible and that worn or damaged parts can drag productivity down. Getting the most out of every dollar of capital you invest in production equipment depends on maximizing every part’s performance and life span. Scheduled maintenance can minimize interruptions to your operations while parts are inspected and, if necessary, repaired or replaced. Don’t wait for production problems to alert you to a failing component. Avoid costly repairs and premature part replacements with preemptive part maintenance by Plant Machine Works.


With a comprehensive inspection of each part, from measuring the unbalance of an impeller to assessing turbine corrosion, etc., your PMW team can keep vital components operating at optimal efficiency by refurbishing or replacing parts before they fail. Even better, we can store spares for your components that wear out most frequently, such as Roth pump impellers and Durco pump shafts. Swapping out for a spare before your part fails gives us the chance to bring it back to its original condition and ready for a second life. This method of rotational use and pre-emptive maintenance is the best way to realize longer part life while keeping production humming at optimal capacity. 


As technology rapidly evolves, plants that began life as state-of-the-art can fall behind just a few years down the road. Industry regulations and best practices become ever more stringent, especially with mounting concerns over public health, the environment, and resource conservation. 

Bringing your plant into compliance with new standards and regulations can be a costly, disruptive undertaking, particularly when it involves repairing or updating components that may be years or decades old with no OEM support available. When it seems a part replacement might be the only viable option, Plant Machine Works can determine a more cost-effective solution through retrofit or customization.


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